Family First - Narrative Essay Example 2020

In May 2006, a couple days before Mother's Day, a house fire causes Christy Akers, a mother of three and resident of Jackson Center, to share a home with her mother and father in-law (Fran and Jerry Akers). On her way home she noticed multiple flashing lights in town. She then noted that they are close to the home of her mother and father in-law. She got home and tells her husband (Dan Akers), to go into town and check on them. He left and was gone for a long time. Now, she is getting her kids and herself ready to go when her husband comes home and says that it was their house that is on fire. She goes into town and sees her mother in-law standing with one of their dogs in her arms.
Mrs. Akers leaves her three kids in the car and goes to her mother in-law and asks her if she needed anything. She said that she is fine and to go check on her brother in law (Matt Akers). He was visiting them with his three children when the fire happened. So Mrs. Akers asks him if he is feeling alright and helps him give information about his children to the first responders. Everyone got out of the house without any serious injuries that needs to be treated. The firefighters left and told them that it is safe to go in. They wanted to do the least amount of damage to the building as possible so they didn’t destroy every wall to look for hot spots. The firefighters told them if they notice a wall or floor is unusually warm, they should call them immediately.
Mrs. Akers told her in-laws that they could stay with her family because they are the closest. However, they went to stay at an inn in Botkins for a couple of nights for themselves and for Mrs. Akers to get ready for them to move in.
Mrs. Akers grew up in a family that always put the family first and she still believes this. She doesn’t like dogs being in the house because of their hair and the messes they can make. But she made an exception for her family that is moving in. She blocked off part of the laundry room for her in-laws four little dogs. They also gave her in-laws her 2-year-old daughters room to sleep in. They helped around the house and helped with cooking. They would watch her kids when she went to work. Mrs. Akers didn’t want them or others to think that they only offered to let them stay, to get free babysitting in return and was still planning to take them to a sitter. Her mother in-law said that they are here, and that there is no point in taking them to the sitter.
Mrs. Akers enjoyed them being there, but at times she wanted them to leave so she could talk to her husband in private. She would be in the living room talking to her husband while her in-laws were out in the dining room talking and listening to their conversations. Mrs. Akers would try to whisper to her husband, but her mother in-law would ask “what did you say.” The other thing that bothered her, was that the dogs were barking from the laundry room. Her in-laws stayed in her house for six months. This is because her husband did all of the repairs on their house by himself.
Even after spending six months with her in-laws she says that she would do it again without a second thought. This is because family will always be her first priority.
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